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Chloe-Rose Campbell

Hot Jivamukti

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate...it is that we are powerful beyond measure..."

Chloe-Rose Campbell
Originally from: London, UK
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Chloe has been a student of Emma Henry and Jivamukti for the whole of her adult life. In 2017, she attained Jivamukti certification with Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari & Jules Febre in India. Most recently, Chloe completed Restorative Yoga training.

Chloe has co-led yoga teacher trainings internationally- Azulfit (Fuerteventura) & Akasha (Transylvania). When The New College of the Humanities was founded in 2012, Chloe was one of the inaugural cohort for both undergraduate & postgraduate Philosophy. Whilst residing in the ivory tower, Chloe also studied English Literature, Applied Ethics, Critical Reasoning, Cosmology, Evolutionary Biology & Neuroscience. Exuberant & liberated eclecticism defines her life thus far. With her ardent heart & insatiable curiosity, Chloe revels in the blithe ease & exhilarating freedom found between the enfant terrible of academia & ‘wild child of yoga’.

Thus, it was no surprise that Chloe was drawn to the exuberant eclecticism of Jivamukti. The method celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of all beings across time, space and species divisions and non-dogmatically conveys yoga as a living tradition. It was rather more surprising- to Chloe at least- that a finer clarity of vision and acuity of thought was wrought through yoga practice than purely intellectual enterprise; and- as if that wasn’t already enough- that practicing āsana was a profoundly gratifying experience. Now an armchair-turned-arm-balance-philosopher, Chloe only navel gazes when it’s the requisite drsthi.

Chloe, who is a storyteller at heart, leads you not through a class as much as through an experience, with her theatrical, lilting voice, powerful, eclectic, dynamic, and exuberant style of teaching. She tends to be very precise and determined. For example, for newcomers trying headstands for the first time, she teaches very thoroughly, and in a stepwise manner, so you progress. Modifications are taught.

At BYL, Chloe leads a Jiva class that is sublime, truly inclusive to ALL LEVELS and her following is growing fast!