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Ilkka Karhu

Bikram Yoga

I believe anyone can benefit from yoga, both mentally and physically."

Ilkka Karhu
Originally from: Finland
  • Bikram Yoga


Ilkka experienced his first Bikram yoga class in Dublin in 2008 after following a colleague’s recommendation after he had complained that Dublin seemed to have no ‘proper’ saunas. While nowhere near as warm as a sauna, the class was an intense and strange experience, and Ilkka slept like a rock that night. He was instantly hooked.

For years he continued to live the typical career-focused life with deadlines, stress and frustration. He found that the practice of Bikram yoga diffused the tension from his fast-paced corporate lifestyle, bringing a new, peaceful, focus to his life.

Inspired by his time on the mat, he finally found the courage to leave his corporate career in 2016 and embarked on Bikram’s Yoga Teacher Training course. He has been lovingly motivating his students to work beyond their own expectations ever since, teaching the 26 & 2 full time in Brussels, Antwerp, Thailand, Wales and now London.



In 2017, Ilkka furthered his yoga journey as a certified Yoga Nidra teacher, stirred by how well the meditation complimented Bikram yoga. A guided Nidra practice focuses on deep relaxation, often the most challenging part of meditation, helping to quiet the mind, body and soul, and soothe any thoughts running wild. He is also a certified Yin yoga teacher, further rounding his experience.

Ilkka believes anyone can benefit from yoga, both mentally and physically. He teaches with a smile on his face and always tries to share the inner calm and the positive vibes that yoga and meditation give…Nordic style!