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Kiraly Saint Claire

Inferno Hot Pilates

I woke up like this"

Kiraly Saint Claire
Originally from: St Lucia, Caribbean
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Born and bred on the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia, Kiraly harnesses a fun, international flair to his increasingly popular Inferno Hot Pilates classes at BYL.

Kiraly moved to the UK at the age of 16 to study performing arts, graduating eventually with a BA(Hons) in contemporary dance.  He has worked as a professional dancer for over 10 years and brings a wealth of knowledge of the body and alignment to our yoga studios. Having attended his very first Inferno Pilates class in 2018, Kiraly very quickly noticed results with increased strength and tone.


With a “larger than life” personality and a strong practice, Kiraly was encouraged to attend Inferno Pilates teacher training in 2019 and since been blessing us with his incredible energy at our studios and on BYL Live!

Throughout his entertaining yet fiery HIIT Pilates class, Kiraly‘s ethos is about creating a safe space where students can be their full authentic self every time they step onto their yoga mat. In his scarce free time, he also works as a massage therapist, photographer and filmmaker.