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Martin Wieser

Bikram Yoga, BIKRAM’S BEGINNERS BASICS, Bikram Yoga Candlelit

Regular practice leads to a stronger, more flexible body and calmer mind. "

Martin Wieser
Originally from: Vienna, Austria
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Bikram Yoga Candlelit
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Martin’s teaches a detail-oriented class, focused on breathing awareness with lots of personal attention. Martin is also a qualified Ashtanga teacher who spends a month every year in India to work with his guru and will therefore be away from end of Jan to end of Feb. The former makeup artist is studying Hindi, holds a colony of Arabian spiny mice as pets and is a trained Bazooka marksman! Don’t ask.

After years of failed attempts at ‘getting fit’ and kicking bad habits, the strict routine, breathing exercises and mix of tension and release had me hooked. A class practicing yoga creates a special energy and never have I found myself in a more supportive and non-judgmental environment than a yoga school. I feel blessed to be part of a great community striving for health and self-awareness.