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Mirna Jonaso

Bikram Yoga, BYL Express

Progress, not perfection. Your direction is much more important than your speed."

Mirna Jonaso
Originally from: Indonesia
  • Bikram Yoga
  • BYL Express
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Mirna attended her first Bikram class 10 years ago and, much to her own surprise, she found herself undeterred by the intense heat. Mirna kept returning for more and has since practiced Bikram yoga in 4 different countries. Throughout her journey, Mirna has always taken note of the similarities and differences in this highly precise form of yoga, allowing them to shape both her personal practice and her teaching style.

As a professional actor finding her footing in the industry, Mirna often faces constant challenges and rejections. However, she finds that the mental clarity gained from her yoga practice makes it much easier to navigate the ups and downs of her career. Yoga has become her anchor, keeping her grounded through life’s highs and lows, whether it be moving countries or traveling across continents.

One of the most remarkable benefits of her practice is that it has kept Mirna free from back and knee issues, which are common concerns for many individuals. Mirna considers herself fortunate to be one of the very few people she knows who can boast about having zero back and knee issues, all thanks to the transformative power of yoga.