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Valerie McCann

Bikram Yoga, BYL Express, Advanced Yoga Asanas

Don't let fear drive the bus. It can ride in the back seat, but definitely don't let it touch the radio"

Valerie McCann
Originally from: United States
  • Bikram Yoga
  • BYL Express
  • Advanced Yoga Asanas
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Originally from the U.S., Senior teacher Valerie McCann has had a long career as a Bikram teacher and competitor, primarily based in Los Angeles. She began practicing Bikram yoga daily in 2005 and attended teacher training in 2009. Valerie has studied with the most senior teachers and seminar leaders of the Bikram world for a number of years, including Mary Jarvis, Rajashree Choudhury, Craig Villani and the late Jason Winn. In 2017 she completed a 300-hour advanced teacher training. Valerie has represented California and the U.K. in national and international yoga competitions. She was semi-finalist in the 2012/2013 World championships.

As a dancer and athlete, Valerie is no stranger to injuries. Yoga helped her prepare for and recover from spinal fusion and bi-lateral hip replacement surgeries. She practices daily to keep her body functioning at the highest level. Known as a precision-focused instructor with an emphasis on therapeutics, she believes it is never too late to tap into your body’s innate healing potential.



Outside the yoga world, Valerie is a performing artist and embodied practitioner who has also worked as an assistant director, movement and voice coach, and choreographer. In the last 15 years, she has collaborated with artists and ensembles across the United States and Europe. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Movement Direction/Teaching at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Come and try her amazing class and you’ll be in for a treat. View her performance at the World Championships here: Yoga World Championships 2013